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16 maja 2020

sztafeta o beskidzki topór
rozgrywana na dystansie 73km


For everyone who have once covered the route of Beskidzki Topór and wish to come back next year.

For everyone who have been beaten by the race and want to square up.

For all faithful fans who will cheer even louder next year.

For everyone who weren't there so that they know what they'd missed.

And for us so that we remember what you expect next year.

Beskidzki Topór 2019


We know that running in the mountains is your passion. Discover the beauty of the Beskid trails and join us by choosing one of four distances:

TS 104 - distance 104 km with the excess +4447m /-4319m (4 points ITRA)

BTU 73 – distance 72,8 km with the excess +3287m /-3162m (3 points ITRA)

BT 43 – distance 42,8 km with the excess +1911m /-1745m (2 points ITRA)

BT 25 -  distance 25,6 km with the excess +1267m /-1143m (1 point ITRA)

We invite all mountain lovers. Experience this incredible adventure with us - the Beskid Ax is right for You !


Dołącz do Tych, którzy kochają Beskidzki Topór

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